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How to plant shrubs

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How to Plant Shrubs
Khieng Chho

Do you remember the story of a burning bush? Do you know what type of plant is a bush?

When you hear the word bush, the first thing that will come to your mind is the ancient story of a burning bush. Surely, this type of plant marked in your memory from your childhood to the present.

Shrub or a bush is just the same. This is a horticultural woody plant. However, this is distinct from a tree because of its multiple stems and lower height and measures less than 6 meters. It does not also have a sturdy trunk like a tree.

Planting shrub is easy. There is also a perfect time for planting one. If you want to include shrub plant as one of your collections in the garden you can do so. Surely, the shrub will add beauty to your garden or landscape.

For better results on shrub growth, you can follow the following steps in plating shrub:

• It is good to plant shrub during winter season and early morning of spring. This is the time when the soil is not frozen. The new roots should shred freely underground so it is better to have good climate. If the soil is frozen or the sun is too hot it will not grow well.

• Make sure that the roots are cleaned. Remove the dead roots because it can affect the growth of the plant.

• You can soak the roots of the bush for about 1 to four hours before planting. This will help in keeping moisture to the plant.

• Dig a hole that is deep enough for the roots. Use a shovel to loosen the soil so that it will not solidify. • Plant the shrub to the hole. Fill it halfway with the soil and tamp it with your foot.

• After you finished in filling the soil, keep it moist and apply mulch into it. This will make the shrub healthy. Monitor it as frequent as possible and if you observe yellow leaves falling water the shrub.

The key here is to choose the right shrub that can thrive to the kind of soil that you have in your garden. The roots of the shrub should not be confined to the good soil alone because it can result to a weak plant. Constant watering is also the secret to a good growth of the shrub plant.

Khieng 'Ken' Chho is author and owner of Flowering Shrubs. For related articles, visit Ken's website: //

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