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Real estate: Points for Purchasers

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Real Estate: Points for Purchasers
Gil Strachan

* What is a home inspection?

A home inspection is an objective, in-depth visual examination of a home's structure and operating systems, and should result in a detailed report describing the condition of the home.

* Why do I need a home inspection?

The main goal of a professional home inspection is to educate yourself about the home you intend to purchase, so that you can make a wise decision and help ensure that there will be fewer surprises later on.

* Tell me more...

The true cost of a home is the purchase price plus whatever it takes to restore or maintain the home in serviceable condition. Without a thorough, professional home inspection you may not be aware of the total cost of the home you are considering. It is essential to have an idea of what to expect - which defects are major, which are minor and the approximate cost of repair, before you commit yourself. Of course, a fair home inspection should also point out the positive aspects of a house, as well as whether or not the existing systems and structure are capable of providing for any changes or renovations you may have in mind.

In short, a home inspection provides you with the knowledge you need to make informed and confident decisions.

* What should a home inspection include?

A professional home inspection should include a thorough examination of the home, inside and out, from top to bottom. The resulting report should cover topics including the roof, exterior, structure, interior, plumbing, heating, cooling and electrical. Insulation, ventilation, the lot grading and any potential for basement dampness should also be addressed... practically, everything that can be seen with out emptying or dismantling the house.

* Couldn't I do it myself?

You may have extensive knowledge and may have been involved in repairs or renovations; you might even be a building tradesperson... but most people do not have the kind of knowledge and experience required to effectively perform an inspection and analysis of a complete building.

Moreover, the excitement and the processes involved in buying a home do not usually afford the the opportunity to make a calm and objective assessment of the property.

An inspection is not a guarantee, warranty or insurance policy. Without dismantling a house or it's systems, and not having built or assembled the house, there are limitations.

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Gil Strachan is a professional home inspector, representing Electrospec Home Inspection Services in east-central Ontario, Canada since 1994. Visit // to learn more about home inspections.

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