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Homeowner's insurance tips

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Homeowner's Insurance Tips Guide
Mansi Aggarwal

As the demand for homeowner insurance is increasing day by day, numerous companies are offering the home insurance policy. Since a myriad of options are available now, an individual needs to be quite careful while purchasing a policy. There are several key points that should be borne in mind and that can actually help you purchase a good policy.

Before you start looking around for a policy, decide amongst yourself what all coverage and the coverage amount you want. Then look for various companies and their offers. In this you can take help of agents, friends and family members. Internet too is a good source for information. You can obtain various price quotes from there. While comparing rates make sure that they are for same coverage’s.

Deductibles play a crucial role in choice of a policy. Deductible is the amount a person needs to pay before the insurance company to pay for him. Higher deductibles are instrumental in lowering the premium rates. So it is better to look for high deductibles though you will have to pay if you have a claim.

Never think and try of giving fake information to acquire the insurance policy. You can land yourself in grave trouble. So be true while obtaining a price quote and applying for insurance. For wrong information can lead to denial of coverage and incorrect price quotes.

But don’t just get carried away with the price (premium rates etc.) as most people do. Other factors such as company’s financial ratings and stability, its reputation in the market, customer service record, complaint index and the like also do matter a lot. Thus make sure you check these things out.

Also see if the agent offering the policy is licensed or not. It is in your interest to purchase a policy from certified i.e. licensed companies and agents.

Usually it is very difficult for people who reside in high-risk zone and defaulters to acquire a homeowner’s insurance. High-risk zone stands for areas prone to floods, hurricanes and other natural calamities and also areas where the crime rate is quite high. In such a case you need to make an extra effort to get a homeowner’s policy. You need to speak to other people living in the zone and any previous insurers. If you propose to shift to one such place then ask you current insurance agent to help you get one such insurance.

You should also know that usually the homeowners insurance covers personal items such as jewelry, fur, watches, silverware, valuable papers and securities etc. If you seek to have coverage apart from this then you have to fill up the Personal Articles Form. Speak with your agent about the coverage that is already there and about what additions you require.

When it is time to renew your homeowner’s insurance policy, ponder again over the coverage issue. Check your personal details in the policy and see if it is up to the mark. In case you require more coverage for any expensive items you purchased such as electrical appliances etc., ask your agent to get your policy changed accordingly.

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