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For all your questions and queries regarding our service and the packages we offer.
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Frequently asked questions
What Is Included In A Set Of House Plans?
Each set of plans that we offer will provide you with the necessary information to build the home. Plan sets are sold in a standard necessary for local council submission to any South African local authority.
The following list shows what is included within each set of plans that we sell:
   Exterior Elevations: Shows all the elevations of the house including exterior materials and measurements as necessary.
 Detailed Floor Plans: Shows the placement of walls and the dimensions for rooms, doors, windows, sanitary fittings, pipe work etc.
 Electrical Schematic: Shows the location of outlets, fixtures and switches. It may be shown as a separate sheet or be included on the floor plan. (Additional cost for this service)
 Cross Sections: Shows details of the house as if it were sliced from the roof to the foundation. The cross sections detail the construction of the home, insulation, flooring and roofing.
 Roof Layout: Shows the pitch and layout of the roof. (Only on complex designs where this will be required)
General Specifications: Provides instructions and information about any combinations of the following: structural specifications, masonry and concrete work, carpentry and wood specifications, thermal and moisture protection, and other specifications as deemed necessary for local authority submission.
How Do I Make Changes To A Plan?
If you want to change the plan you have 2 options:
You can purchase a Reproducible Media Package from the library in a CAD format and have someone in your local area make the changes for you. What the local market charges for this service will vary, so you'll want to shop around. In many cases your builder can make the changes you want without having to go to the expense of having the original drawings changed.
You can submit a modification request to us. Our design team will be able to determine if the changes can be done and will then be completed within the quoted amount of business days. Please note that we must get all requests in writing to eliminate any confusion as to what is actually desired.
How Is The BUILDING AREA Calculated?
Generally, square metre calculations are made from outside the exterior frame wall and do not include areas which are not roofed. Other undercover areas will be shown separately. This is generally true but you can always contact us to verify exactly how a particular planís square meter area was calculated.
Can I Get The Plans With An Architectural Or Engineering certification For My Local Area?
All our plans are certified by a SACAP (South African council for the Architecture profession) approved draughts-person, designer or Architect as is needed by most Local authorities around the country. An engineering certificate will need to accompany the plans when submitted to council (if necessary in your area) and will be for your own account.
Does the Plans Provide Information Necessary For Plumbing And Electrical Systems?
All our plans are designed to meet national building standards and will show a standard plumbing layout but will sometimes need to be modified to suit your specific site as the site might have significant slope and to have the plumbing connected to the site provided sewer connection.
A schematic electrical & lighting layout could also provided at additional cost should it be required and could be customized to suit your personal needs. Electrical installations in your new home is something you would discuss with your local builder or local subcontractors as the building process commences.
How Many Sets Of House Plans DO I NEED?
The number of sets you will need can vary depending on you and your builderís specific needs. Besides a set for yourself, you may need to turn a set in to your builder, subcontractors, mortgage lender, and local building departments. (For local council submission anything from 1 to 5 sets could be required depending on your area.
As the sets are sold in either Acrobat reader (free viewer) or CAD format and not as hard copies, these could be reproduced at your own cost for as many sets as you would require.
Due to our extremely reduced cost plan, we regret that we do not provide clients with hard copies of plans as courier services and the time & cost factor of plotting/printing the plans would force us to increase our prices. Clients are provided with PDF plans sent to their email for easy printing at most Postnets or other plotting/printing firms.
What If I NEED SPECIAL FoundationS?
Typically, the appointed engineer will specify the foundations needed for the area you are building in. Also, check with your builder, most builders can make this type of change on the building site. If you need a particular foundation specified in the plans you can modify the plan to accommodate the appropriate foundation for your area.For your interest also read the article regarding geo-technical site investigations.
Can library Plans be inverted?
You just found the perfect plan, but the master bedroom is on the left side of the home and your lots view is on the right side. Of course the plan can be mirrored! We will however require one extra working day and a fee for this service will be levied.
When Will My Plans Be ready?
If a plan is bought Ďas isí from the library, it will be sent to you right away as soon as payment is received. Should changes or an inverted plan be required a few working days as stipulated elsewhere will be required to complete the set.
The Acrobat reader is a free program available for download from Adobe. It allows you to read and print PDF files which are the standard for high quality document exchange on the Internet.
Alternatively, the plans could be provided to you in a CAD format (Typically *.DXF format) - Depending on the package you chooseófor changes to be done by a designer in your area or other reasons.
do you offer telephonic support?
Due to our extremely reduced cost plan, we regret that we do not provide telephonic support, as this will force us to increase costs of our service. Our highly qualified online staff are standing by however to answer any questions or queries that you might have.
What Is Your Return Policy?
All construction plans ordered through this site are provided as is. We disclaim all other warranties, express or implied, including merchantability or fitness of purpose. Construction plans may not be returned for credit and/or refund under any circumstances. We are not liable for incidental, special, consequential, or indirect damages of any kind, including, but not limited to, loss of anticipated profits, business opportunity or other economic loss arising out of the use of services or any construction plans received from us, even if we have been advised of the possibility of such damage.
It is the customer's responsibility to ensure the accuracy, compliance with applicable statute(s) or regulation(s), and fitness of purpose of any plans or construction information received from us prior to the use thereof. In the event that any liability is imposed on us, our liability to you or any third party shall not exceed the price paid for the Dreamhouses House Plans product.
How Do I Contact You?
We are committed to providing the highest level of customer service. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments.


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