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Concrete sealer - What does it do?

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Concrete Sealer - What Does It Do?
Josh Walker

If you've taken a look at concrete a few years after it's been laid, it's possible that you'll be able to see evidence of corrosion. Once concrete is laid, it begins to corrode. Initially the damage may be so minor that you can't see it, but over time the combination of natural elements and the wear and tear of usage will have the inevitable effect. The purpose of a concrete sealer is to protect the surface of your concrete, so that it will be more durable and last longer. This removes the need to patch your work every year.

Weather is one of the worst offenders for causing damage to concrete. Rain and snow do the most damage, but even sunshine and heat can damage concrete over time. A concrete sealer can be used to stop this problem. Unfortunately many people don't realize that a sealer can protect concrete from damage, and believe that the only way to keep concrete looking good is to repair it regularly or even replace it completely.

Many places stock concrete sealers, so all you need to do is shop around. Your local hardware store is a good place to start, and they will usually stock a variety of sealers for you to choose from. It's important to know a little bit about the type of concrete you want to seal, as that can affect the type of sealer you need to use. Is the concrete just a thin layer? Or are you sealing large, heavyweight concrete blocks?

It's also possible to buy sealers that do more than just protect your concrete - they can also beautify it. Some sealers have pigment added, so that you can seal your concrete and add a colored layer to the concrete as well. This can be particularly effective in landscaping areas such as paths or driveways, and can greatly enhance the visual appeal of your outdoor areas.

Basically, a concrete sealer is a great way to protect your concrete from the elements, and can also be used to make your concrete areas more attractive. Concrete is meant to be a long-term element in your landscaping, so help to make sure it stays that way by sealing it. Just make sure you buy the correct type of sealer for the job you need to do.

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