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Clawfoot-type bath tubs

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Clawfoot Bath Tub – Is this the Ultimate Product for a Bathroom
Kerris Samson

The Clawfoot Bath Tub was invented during the Victorian Era (1835-1903) and were made using a white porcelain coating and their shape came from the cast iron base that was used. In order to obtain a hard slippery surface to the bath molten porcelain was poured into it.

There are 2 basic kinds of Clawfoot Bath Tub around and these are the European and American styles. The European style tends to have no drilling for faucets as they are an external feature to the bath and will be either wall or floor mounted. Thus the level of water that can be placed in the bath is deeper, but it does have holes for the water to drain away and also for any overflow that may occur.

The other style called American, not only has holes where the taps (faucets) can be fitted but also comes with an overflow and drain as well.

Also as well as these 2 kinds of Clawfoot Bath Tubs there are also a number of different styles which include the Classic, Slipper, Double Ended and Pedestal kinds.

When it comes to the Clawfoot Bath Tub there are usually only 2 choices from which these are made the first being Acrylic (gaining popularity very quickly) and cast iron (the more traditional material that has been used).

The benefit of having a Clawfoot Bath Tub made from cast iron is that they will be as close to the original as you can get and not only do they look the same but they weigh pretty much the same as well. The feel of an authentic vintage Clawfoot Bath Tub is that it will be smooth with a very subtle textured finish and there may be some minor surface irregularities.

Whilst an Acrylic Clawfoot Bath Tub is that although it can provide you with the look and integrity of a cast iron version it is about 40% lighter and will be warm and smooth to the touch, plus it will not rust or crack as time passes. Plus when touched the bath does not feel cold like the porcelain of a cast iron one does. Also acrylic tubs are crafted from a mixture of high grade sanitary acrylics, ceramic powders, polyester resins and fiberglass. It is also important to remember that an Acrylic Clawfoot Bath is easier to clean than the cast iron version and also the lighter weight of the Acrylic version makes it easier to move them around and they are available in a wide range of different lengths.

When deciding to have a Clawfoot Bath installed it is important that you use a reputable plumber and prior to any work commencing ensure that they have all the following items with them the bath, a drain, the tap (faucet) or shower enclosure and a set of water supply lines.

You will soon find that there is an extensive range of taps (faucets) from the more classic wall mounted to a more elegant style of English Telephone Hand shower set. These are all free standing and are supported by their own supply lines.

As for shower enclosures there are those which allow you to use your Clawfoot Bath as a shower and will include a shower ring enclosure, shower head, taps along with any other hardware that is required to install them.

Once your Clawfoot Bath Tub has been installed you will need to care and maintain it. Although some people believe that they need more maintenance than a normal bath this is simply not true. Especially in respect of the Acrylic version of the Clawfoot Bath as it can be moved easily and be arranged to an area that you prefer compared to a normal bath. As they not only look stylish and classic a Clawfoot Bath will add a touch of Victorian Class to any home and give a touch of elegance to any bathroom.

Kerris Samson is a work at home who runs a small Real Estate company and for more than 20 years has worked in the property management field. Since moving to Spain she has dedicated a lot of time in research various aspects of looking after a home and how to make small but significant improvements to them especially in the bathroom. She has now set up a site dedicated to all aspects of the bathroom and its accessories and if you would like to learn more then please visit //

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