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Are Corian countertops for you?

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Are Corian Countertops For You?
Steve Galashaw

If you are thinking about replacing your kitchen counters, there is no question that you've got plenty of countertop choices!! You should consider Corian countertops by DuPont.

There are more than 100 Corian color choices so you can make it as individual as you want and tying it to your room's décor is a breeze. Let the designer within take over.

Corian also comes with a ten year warranty. It's that tough! No problem with it standing up to your daily use. After all your kitchen is a busy place and your countertop should be able to take the heat!

Corian is the perfect surface with its never ending beauty and non porous finish that's easy to wipe clean. And because it is non porous the stains can't penetrate and bacteria, mold, and mildew can't grow. It also is burn and scratch resistant. So what more could you want?

So what is Corian? It is a brand name for a solid surface material that was created by DuPont for countertops. It has proven itself over the years and earned the trust of the consumer.

It's very easy to work with. You can drill it, sculpt it, cut it, or router it. The color palette continues to grow and Corian can be purchased from more than 4000 retailers including Home Depot.

You can clean your Corian with little more than hot soapy water and a cloth. An ammonia based cleaner is a good choice for bacteria. Because it is non porous there is no need for any special sealants. If you accidentally damage your countertop, not to worry, there is a Certified Fabricator that can fix it for you.

If you aren't sure what color would best suit your kitchen why not get some samples. You can find them at your local retailer's store or online. Samples are the perfect way to make your color choices.

Corian needs to be installed by a professional installer and DuPont has a full network of fabricators and installers across the country. So no matter where you live you should be able to find an installer near year.

Purchasing and installing your countertop does not have to be overwhelming. Whether building or remodeling just a 4 simple steps and you'll be on the way to having new counters.

1. Make a sketch of your kitchen
2. Measure your kitchen countertop space
3. Mark where the sink, stove, and fridge will be located
4. Draw where the backsplash will be

Three easy steps will have your new Corian countertop on the way.
1. Contact a Corian design consultant who can help you with all your design options and colors.
2. Each project is unique. The consultant will visit you at your home and help you make the perfect choice for your home. They will also confirm the measurements you've provided and they will provide you with a free quote.
3. In one day they will have your countertops installed including your plumbing and electrical hookups.

Corian has a reputation of excellence and for more than 35 years they've been providing the perfect surface for making that great dinner. Find out why more than 95% of Corian customers are thrilled with their purchase.

Steve has been a professional interior designer for more than 10 years who specializes in the renovation of the kitchen. If you are interested in tile countertops, be sure to start at //

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