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Publisher information: Statistics (2015 survey) 


  • Monthly page impressions: 80,000
  • Monthly unique visitors: 16,000  
  • Regional distribution – 90% South African / 10% International visitors
  • SA Top sites rank ( : 15th in South Africa (Jan 2015)

Visitor Demographics (2015 survey) 

  • The age groups of the vast majority of visitors are between 28-58 years and in the middle, upper and high income groups
  • Almost all visitors are home owners or prospective home builders or developers.
  • More than 90% are South African visitors.
  • The male / female ratio is around 70/30 percent.



MORE ABOUT DREAMHOUSES is a multi-faceted media company reaching the home building market in a variety of ways. You will have a great opportunity to get in front of owner home builders, developers and related consumers who are just starting the home building process. Searching through the web site is the first step in a long line of important decisions that home builders will make.


The pages on have been carefully optimized for speed and ease of navigation without unnecessary embellishments resulting in a great viewer’s experience. The site contains a prolific amount of interesting articles, tools, downloadable documents and house plans making it an owner builder or developer’s one stop haven of information.


Because we spend an enormous amount of time on shrewd web marketing, intelligent design and search engine optimization, enjoys top positions in most of the major search engines as we trust the tests below will illustrate:


Test date: 05/01/2015

Search engines tested: Google, MSN, Yahoo, Ananzi

Keywords: House plans, Owner building, home design

Position: Top 10 Results (Page1)



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 ·         Targeting

With online media, you have the opportunity to only target highly specific demographic and industry groups like home builders or developers directly related to your business.

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 ·         Cost

It is one of the least expensive routes available to market your product and services, whether measured by total cost or cost per thousand impressions. is a product of the JB Concepts media group (Pty) Ltd. Copyright 2006-2015



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